Shadow Creek Outdoors Club

Shadow Creek Ranch Outdoors Facebook Group

​The committee consists of residents who step up and help volunteer and organize events, activity and games

Some residents have been very consistent in in stepping up and shaping this committee.

Our events and activities have bonded people together and people have made great friendships through active participation. 

We always have family in mind and make sure the entire family is able to participate.

We have a core team and many active volunteers and supporters. The entire community steps up during our major events

How does it work?

Anyone can organize an event or plan an activity. The group helps promote the event to the city, via social media, website and calendar. Most of our active members are always wanting to help volunteer for events or events. So, there is always someone available to volunteer their time and effort.

We have a core team that comprises of highly active volunteers. In addition to these people, we have a lot of people who are always available to help support in many ways.